Readers say lookout was Morton Peak, not Terrace Mountain

Mystery lookout not Terrace

Wait a minute, the mystery lookout location may not be solved after all.

Last week, Castanet posted a video of a lookout tower – but the exact location was not known.

Longtime Okanagan resident Kevin Harvath believed he had solved the mystery of the lookout location.

Based on the small lakes in the background, the switchbacks and other features Harvath said he was 99 per cent sure the lookout was located on Terrace Mountain.

But, several Castanet readers disagreed.

“This lookout is located on Morton Peak, with Morton Lake in the background,” said one Castanet reader

“Numerous people have confirmed this on the discussion forums, as well as on Youtube and Facebook.”

Two readers also provided several pictures that match with the images in the video that was posted by Francois Arsenault.

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