Curtis Sagmoen found guilty in ATV assault case

Sagmoen found guilty

UPDATE: 2:37 p.m.

Curtis Sagmoen was found guilty Tuesday of assault causing bodily harm in an attack on an escort in which he ran over the woman with an ATV.

During closing arguments, both sides focused on the credibility of the victim.

The Crown defended the woman, saying her story didn't waver during the important parts. The Crown also made the argument that considering how difficult it is for sex workers to talk to police, she wouldn't have came forward if she didn't have a reputable story to tell.

The defence, meanwhile, questioned the victim's credibility because of a head injury and history of drug use.

The defence tried to make the argument that the victim's injuries also didn't line up with how she recalled the chain of events, but to no avail.

Sagmoen has had a long history of run-ins with the law.

He was found guilty of a similar incident in December, in which he aimed a gun at a sex worker before shooting out the tire of her vehicle.

ORIGINAL: 2:16 p.m.

Another chapter in the Curtis Sagmoen saga is drawing to a close after he was found guilty Tuesday of assault causing bodily harm.

Sagmoen was convicted Tuesday of running over a sex worker with an ATV in August 2017.

The judge delivered the verdict Tuesday afternoon, and will sentence him on March 2.

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