SENS concerned over the installation of 5G towers in Vernon

5G towers worry local group

The Sustainable Environment Network Society made a presentation to Vernon city council on Monday regarding their concern about the installation of 5G towers.

SENS claims that 5G radiation will have serious and long-lasting health concerns. 4G frequencies are typically under 6GHz, while 5G can range between 30-100GHz. This raised some worrisome comments from members of the environmental group.

"There are no studies proving that 5G is safe," said Tana Petersen, a member of SENS. "Without our consent, we will all be subjected to this radiation 24/7."

Health officials in Brussels have similar concerns, and they have halted the construction of 5G towers indefinitely while scientists can examine this situation further.

Upon hearing the presentation, however, Councillor Kari Gares had some comments of her own.

"My brother works in this field as an engineer, so I reached out to him for more information on this," she said. "The established safety limit for human exposure to radiation as outlined by Health Canada is between 3KHz and 300GHz, which 5G's frequencies are within."

SENS asked for a moratorium on 5G towers, which means temporarily postponing the construction until more information comes out and discussions occur. The discussion in council was cut short, and Councillor Gares offered to reach out to members of SENS to confer further.

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