After over a month, recycling in parts of Vernon is now picked up

No more recycling pileup?

The paper and plastic has been piling up on the streets and in the homes of many Vernon residents, and now for most, it is finally being taken away.

It has been over a month since the last collection of recycling for many Vernon neighbourhoods, and the garbage and impatience were rising.

"We were told that the trucks were going to come on Tuesday, but they never came," says Kari Montsion, who lives in East Hill. "Everyone has just tons of recycling that we don't know what to do with."

BC Recycling contracts out their collection service to Emterra, who seems to have had some trouble with their routes and equipment over the past month.

"There have been some instances of the trucks going into the ditches, and others experiencing technical issues," says Dave Lefebvre, spokesperson for Recycle BC. "We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to get back on the regular schedule as soon as possible."

The recycling has been picked up in most of the Vernon neighbourhoods as of Wednesday afternoon, but other areas aren't so lucky.

"Our recycling has been piling up since before Christmas and they said it would be gone by Wednesday, yet when I came home from work, it's still there," says a South BX resident. "The worst part about this is none of us know when it is actually going to be collected, so everyone is just leaving it in the streets."

Recycling in the Mission Hill area hasn't been collected yet either.

Lefebvre says there will be a special recycling run on Saturday to pick up the remaining recycling left over. You also can download the Recycle BC app to stay up-to-date on recycling schedules and receive notifications regarding your route.

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