City of Vernon said inflatable Frosty is allowed with permit

Frosty the Snowman can stay

Frosty the Snowman is back.

The 12-foot-tall inflatable Christmas decoration had been set up in front of Vernon Teach and Learn for the past eight years, but last Thursday two city bylaw officers said it had to be removed.

When word of Frosty's demise hit social media, it created a firestorm of comments and on Saturday Teach and Learn owner Lynella Henke was told Frosty could stay.

“We didn't know Frosty meant so much to our community,” said Henke, adding the snowman will be set up again on Tuesday.

Henke said they are allowed to keep the popular figure in the same place, attached to the same pole, in the same location under the same insurance plan the store currently has.

Henke said they had to go to city hall and fill out a permit, for which the city waived the $150 fee.

And Henke said she will pay the permit fee next year to keep Frosty where he belongs.

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