Order to remove Frosty from Vernon business causing uproar

Frosty may be back

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.

Frosty may be back.

The 12-foot-tall inflatable Frosty the Snowman was ordered removed from the front of Vernon Teach and Learn in the city centre.

When word got out that Frosty was getting the boot, social media went crazy with comments.

But, Christy Poirier, city spokesperson, said they city is working with store owners Lynella and Trevor Henke to resolve the issue.

“Yesterday, it was brought to bylaw enforcement’s attention that there were some safety concerns in regards to the placement and set up of a large inflatable snowman on a downtown sidewalk,” said Poirier. “One of the concerns was a possible tripping hazard due to the location of the snowman and the need to run an extension cord.”

Henke noted a mat was covering the cord and it was not just loose on the sidewalk.

“In addition to this, there was no permit in place to have the inflatable snowman on the sidewalk, which is a requirement of city policy,” said Poirier.

“Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication while bylaw was working with the business owner yesterday. Today, bylaw officers are working with the owner to get the proper permit in place and identify a safe location for the snowman, hoping to see him return to the front of the store. One of our Bylaw officers was there this morning, working with the owner to find a solution."


Frosty is no more.

A 12-foot tall blowup Frosty the Snowman was set up in front of Vernon Teach and Learn every Christmas for the past eight years, but yesterday city bylaw officials ordered it removed.

At first, store owners were told they could keep Frosty, then they were told they couldn't so they relented and took the big balloon down.

The store in the 3000 block of 30th Avenue is run by Lynella and Trevor Henke.

They were told Frosty had to be removed because he was fastened to a street lamp – Trevor said Frosty had to be fastened to something or the wind would knock him around.

They were also told Frosty was blocking access to a parking meter some 36 inches away.

Then they were told they needed a permit for $50, before being told they could get not get one.

And on Friday morning, someone from the city contacted the store and said they could get a permit for $100 plus additional costs.

The Frosty affair has blown up on social media, with posts decrying the removal of the popular downtown decoration.

“We have been getting huge support,” said Trevor. “Some people said 'I was going to bring my kids down and take pictures with him. He's been there for eight years. Lots of people noticed him.”

Trevor said the matter is not over and there are “a couple of councillors who are going to help us.”

Castanet has reached out to city bylaw officials for comment.

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