Wolf at Silver Star not acting aggressively, but seen in the area

Black wolf spotted at ski hill

A unique guest has been spotted at Silver Star Mountain Resort – a wolf.

“Heads up to all Silver Star residents and guests, we have a lone black wolf inhabiting the resort area,” Brad Baker posted on the Silver Star Community Facebook page.

“Our staff has physically seen the wolf both at the village, and out on the mountain trails. The wolf has not shown any aggressive action, but is turning up in areas where there is human activity and equipment operating.”

Baker, Silver Star operations manager, said a wolf sighting is “very rare” for Silver Star.

“We have reported the wolf to the Conservation Officer Service RAPP Line as well as to a local CO and have been asked to advise guests, residents and staff to supervise pets and children closely, especially after dusk and before dawn,” said Baker on the post.

People have been reporting what they believe to be wolf tracks near Silver Star and the Sovereign Lake cross country ski area.

Ian Jenkins, with the Star, said a public warning was issued out of caution more than anything.

Jenkins said wolves have been spotted on the back side of the mountain in the past, but this is the fist time one has been seen near the village area.

“There hasn't been any interactions or anything like that,” said Jenkins noting it is similar to a bear sighting and while people should not panic, they should be aware.

As the resort gets busier as winter progresses, the wolf will likely seek quieter grounds.

For more information on reporting human-wildlife conflicts, and staying safe around wildlife click here.

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