A petition springs up online calling for a divide on Hwy 97A

Change called for Hwy 97A

Following the fatal collision this past weekend, a petition has risen online demanding a divide on the stretch of Highway 97A north of Vernon.

The person behind the petition is Jessica Tabe, whose grandmother was killed in a head-on collision on the highway in February. She believes that if a barrier was in place, her life may have been spared.

"It was one of the last snowfalls of the year, and Ruth was heading to work in Armstrong when she slid across the centre line and hit an oncoming pickup truck," said Tabe. "After seeing the accident this weekend I couldn't help but think about what happened to Ruth."

Tabe says after her grandmother's death, her grandfather contacted the people who could make changes on the highway.

"Eric Foster told him that they will get a divider in, they did all the measurements and they said the funding would be there," Tabe said. "He told my grandpa it will hopefully be in before the snow, but it's nowhere to be seen."

Driving 100km/h on a four-lane highway without a divider of some sort can be a little dicey, even in the best conditions. Across the country, the majority of high-speed highways with more than two lanes have some kind of median, whether it's a cement barrier or a wide-sloped ditch. The Ontario 416 highway (which connects the Ontario 401 to the Trans-Canada in Ottawa) even has a small forest in the wide-sloped ditch in some areas.

To take a look at the petition and see Jessica's campaign, you can find it here.

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