Trees planted for Rivers Day

Four hardworking members of the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society and local volunteers planted almost 300 native plants along Deep Creek at O'Keefe Ranch on Saturday to celebrate BC Rivers Day. 

The trees, shrubs and plants came from Sagebrush Nursery in Oliver, part of an effort to restore the area. 

The team also removed invasive species, and will return to the area regularly to check the plants and weed. 

"Riparian areas, like those being restored this Saturday, are the areas of thick plant growth along streams, creeks, rivers, and ponds. They are an important, but dwindling, resource for both people and wildlife," reads a press release from the society. 

Urban and agricultural development has resulted in over 75% of riparian habitats in the Okanagan being lost. Healthy riparian areas can help control flooding by slowing and absorbing high stream flows. 

Wildlife also rely on these types of areas. 

"Nearly 85% of all Okanagan species depend on riparian habitats or use them regularly. They provide food, shelter, water, nesting sites, and important wildlife corridors," the release reads. 

Funding for this project was provided by the Okanagan Basin Water Board, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and Wildlife Habitat Canada.

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