High amount of questions

When people stop at Spiritleaf in Vernon, many of them are looking for more than just marijuana.

It has been a month since the pot shop opened in the Anderson Subdivision and owner Sarah Ballentyne said they spend a good portion of their day answering questions about a variety of marijuana-related topics.

“There are tons of questions, so we kind of start them off with a bit or a tour and we build from there on what their questions are,” said Ballentyne.

And the most common query is not about getting high, but getting healthy.

“The most commonly asked question is about CBD oils and they are really looking to become educated on CBD oils and the variety of methods that we have. We have oils, capsules and dry flower. People want to know more about the medical benefits of CBDs,” she said, adding seniors are a “huge demographic of our customers.”

Many of those seniors want CBD oils for their medicinal properties.

“We have heard some great feed back on it. We have a full range of (CBD) products now,” said Ballentyne, adding all of their products are certified, tested and approved by Health Canada.

“It's a safe product, you know exactly what you are getting,” said Ballentyne.

Spiritleaf is currently the only licensed marijuana store in town, but there are some who are trying to skirt the rules by selling product online, which Ballentyne said is against provincial regulations.

And while it may benefit them in the short term, if they are selling marijuana products against provincial regulations, odds are they will not be given an official license.

The city has received and approved 21 applications for pot shops, but that does not mean they will all be open. The city approves zoning and the location of the shops, but it is up to the province to issue a license.

Ballentyne said the process is taking so long, some applicants have given up.

“The application process is so lengthy, I don't know how many are going to wait it out,” she said.

It is also doubtful the province will issue a license to every application that passes through the city so odds are there will not be 21 pot shops in Vernon.

The province has issued a license to the Greenhorn which is expected to open in a week and will be Vernon's second licensed pot shop.

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