Dress delivers controversy

Last May, Wendy Chambers hung a red dress on the porch of her Vernon home in honour of missing and murdered indigenous women.

The REDdress Project started several years ago and has become a symbol for MMIW across the land.

On Wednesday, Chambers said she was surprised to find a hand-written note from who she said was the Canada Post letter carrier saying the dress is impeding the letter carrier from putting mail in her mail box.

She said the note was short and concise and not rude in anyway, but it still upset her.

Chambers admits she was initially angered by the note and made a post on the Vernon Rant and Rave Facebook page.

The post took off like wildfire with dozens of comments.

Chambers said she did not want to get the letter carrier in trouble, but was upset by the note, especially given what the red dress symbolizes.

She did not expect such a reaction from her post.

“I wanted to raise some awareness of this because obviously this person, who was a woman, did not know the symbolism behind the red dress, or she might have just pushed it aside like a curtain,” said Chambers. “It seems a little silly to me.”

Chambers knew her post create controversy, but she said that was the idea.

She did not intend to bash “the poor Canada Post employee. She was within her rights to leave me the note, but on a human level is it really that big of a deal.”

Chambers has moved the dress to the side of the entrance way, but she will not take it down.

Castanet reached out to Canada post for comment and they sent the following response: “Canada Post plans to reach out to the customer to apologize for upsetting her. This was an unfortunate misunderstanding as the letter carrier was unaware of the significance of the Red Dress hanging in the doorway. While she had been delivering the mail to this address for weeks, the carrier decided recently to leave a note saying it had been impeding her ability to deliver. This was not the formal process, she did not mean any disrespect and deeply regrets the situation now that she is fully aware of the significance of the Red Dress.
“We respect that the customer, and others, are bringing awareness to the Red Dress Movement and what it means to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement. We are also using this opportunity to inform our employees and ensure we approach these matters with proper sensitivity.”

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