Taking seniors for a ride

A new program in Vernon is giving seniors and those with mobility challenges a chance to do something they may not have done in a long time: go for a bike ride.

Cycling Without Age is a volunteer program where people are taken for a ride through town, to the park, along the rail trail or other areas they would like to go.

Lauren Lypchuk is spearheading the program that started in Denmark.

“It's a non-profit program strictly to take people out for a ride, something that they normally wouldn't do,” she said. “The idea is to get seniors and less-abled people out in the community doing an event they normally not have the ability to do.”

Lypchuk has spent months working with the Schubert Centre and area senior residences so people can sign up for a ride at their residences and the activity director will schedule them in.

For those not at a residence, they can sign up at the Schubert Centre or by email at [email protected].

Currently there is only one bike, but she it hoping to raise funds to purchase more of the $15,500 three-wheeled bikes.

Numerous volunteers are also on board, with more being trained.

The bikes are electric assist and the idea is to take participants for a leisurely ride through the area.

“It also gives seniors an opportunity for the seniors to talk about themselves, to share their stories. Just because we get older does not mean we can't enjoy the outdoors,” said Lypchuk.

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