Bullying crusader bullied

Samantha Sewell knows all too well the sting of a bully's actions.

Growing up with speech impediment, Sewell was oft the target of taunts from her classmates.

But she rose above the teasing and hurtful words to win several beauty pageants and has become an anti-bullying advocate.

She has spoken in front of thousands of people delivering her anti-bullying message.

Sewell is not in school anymore, but she is not beyond the reach of a bully's hurtful words.

Sewell is being cyber bullied by an unknown person calling themselves Frank Castle, which is the name of a  Marvel character.

Sewell said the bullying contains comments about her pageants, herself and her family.

She said the person, or people, are targeting her on Facebook and on her website

“They have been saying my titles aren't real and I am faking everything I have done in the community. It just shows just because I am an advocate for bullying does not mean I am immune to it,” she said. “It was very heartbreaking to see because I have tried to make a difference in the community.”

Friends and family are rallying around Sewell who is doing her best to deal with the situation.

She has contacted Facebook about the harassment.

Sewell is concerned the bully may contact her sponsors and spread lies about her.

“Now my biggest fear is if they have contacted anyone I have been affiliated with and say something negative about me,” she said. “You never know what people will believe. I don't want any of my sponsors to take something they might say literally.”

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