City proposes tax bump

A tax bump is in the works for Vernon residents.

Vernon City council heard the details of the preliminary budget for 2019 Tuesday morning. 

City of Vernon CAO Will Pearce broke down what would work out to be a 5.57 per cent increase.

Making up the proposed increase is the 1.9 per cent infrastructure levy, a 3.67 per cent increase for operational items, 1.41 per cent of which covers a hole left behind by 2017's one-time use of a little more than half a million dollars.

"In 2018 the community faced a significant municipal tax rate increase with the addition of six new officers, which the community expected and wanted," explained Pearce. "That came with a $1.2-million bill. So, the council-of-the-day used some of the revenues that were available to decrease the shock of tax rate increase last year, but now we have to fill in that hole."

Included within the proposed 2019 budget are two public washroom facilities: one to replace the existing washroom at the transit exchange and one for a location west of Highway 97, towards Linear Park. Both are worth $165,000 each.

The proposed budget includes some modest increases to complete work at Hurlburt Park, Beachcomber Lake access, Lakeshore Park, Foothills Ravine trail and Becker Park.

Council will debate the budget before it is adopted in the spring of 2019.

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