Leash them or pay the price

People are allowed to bring their furry friends on the Okanagan Rail Trail, but they must be on leashes or dog owners could face a big fine.

And the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) will be taking extra precautions to ensure that dogs remain on leashes while enjoying trail time with their owners.

The Rail Trail opens later this month.

“Everyone is excited for the official opening of the trail, but owners are kindly reminded that their dogs must remain on leashes,” said Keith Pinkoski, parks manager. “Along with the current site signage, we will have our contractor monitoring the trail more regularly to ensure owner compliance with the RDNO Dog Control Bylaw to reduce the risk of unwanted dog interactions. We want to ensure users feel safe and maximize enjoyment while on the trail.”

The bylaw provides dog control throughout the North Okanagan, which now includes the newly completed Okanagan Rail Trail and is intended to help improve dog owner responsibility and accountability.

Responsible dog owners must make sure their pets are properly leashed, well behaved, trained and do not pose a threat to trail users or other animals. Residents should take note that non-compliance to this bylaw could result in owner fines of up to $2,000.

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