Beware of pre-grad parties

Summer is over and fall is fast approaching and that can mean only one thing: back-to-school parties.

It's that time of year when students head back to class, and Vernon RCMP are warning parents and students about unsanctioned pre-grad parties occurring prior to the start of the school year. 

“As students gear up for their last year of high school, grad parties traditionally kick off the celebrations, however, the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP are urging parents to talk to their teens about the dangers associated to these events,” said Const. Kelly Brett.

Each year, RCMP partners with School District 22 in an effort to minimize the damages done by these parties, which often occur in more rural and environmentally sensitive areas. 

“School District 22 does not condone unsanctioned activities, including grad parties. We encourage parents to have what may be difficult conversations with their children, explaining the potential dangers at bush parties,” said School District Supt. Joe Rogers. “Even those students who plan to attend and not drink, things can quickly escalate into a bad situation. For students that attend the party, and attend school the next day in an altered state, it is important to note, there will be consequences for their actions.”

Added Brett, “We encourage the kids to acknowledge their final year of high school, be leaders and examples for those who follow and celebrate responsibly. Starting off your school year with regret, potential loss of friends or criminal charges is not the way you want to start your final year.

Police will be patrolling rural areas known for grad parties and have received information from concerned parents regarding the location, date and times of these events.

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