Vernon Men's Shed growing

Lyle Enns has been retired for three years. 

His company, Creative Connectors, manufactured closets and garage organizers, so it is not a stretch to say he knows how to build and organize.

Enns has spent the past few months putting those skills to good use as a founding member of the Vernon branch of The Men's Shed.

First created in Australia, the idea behind Men's Shed was to create a place for retired men to gather, meet, build vital friendships and undertake purposeful activities.

"Men have long attributed identity, relationships, self-worth, and even their daily schedule to their profession and career. When that ends abruptly on retirement the change can be difficult to deal with for many men," says Enns.

Since creating the Vernon branch of The Men's Shed in early 2018, Enns has seen membership grow. 

The group was recently tasked with a project for Eagle Bay Camp on Shuswap Lake. 

"Word of mouth wound its way to the newly formed chapter of Men's Shed in Vernon. Men's Shed Vernon accepted the opportunity and challenge to design and build three large and stout, custom dining tables."

The timing of the project aligned perfectly for the Vernon Men's Shed. The group had just received a generous donation of shop space by Elephant Storage at their Okanagan Avenue location. 

The members began work on the project. 

With about 20 men involved in various stages, materials were acquired, planks were planed, trimmed, and finished, steel was cut, fabricated, welded, and painted.

"These tables were going to last."

Weighing in at nearly 300 lbs each, the tables were transported and assembled on site.  

"Eagle Bay Camp can now comfortably seat an additional 40 visitors to enjoy camp dining outdoors, and Men's Shed Vernon is on the way to meeting its goal of building more than projects."

As a founding member of the Vernon Men's Shed, Enns is hoping to build the Vernon branch, in not only, members, but in community projects as well. 

"Local 'Sheds' offer mature men an outlet to get together for a coffee, build any number of projects in a common shop, exchange and grow their skills, and support other community organizations with their work. It just so happens that we remain happier and healthier as a side benefit."

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact Lyle Enns at [email protected] 

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