Fighting against bullies

Chantelle Deacon

"Be someone's hero, not a bystander."

"I was a huge victim of bullying in elementary school and high school," said Vernon's very own Miss MRI Canada 2018, Samantha Sewell. "I was told that I would never be able to speak properly and because of that, everyone treated me differently."

Sewell has been bullied most of her life and now has made it her mission to help victims similar to herself.

"I've always raised money for Live Out Loud Charity, that's an anti-bullying, suicide prevention and core character development charity that is worldwide," Sewell said. "I brought it to Canada last year and it's such a big family. It's such an honour to see so many people being changed by the different programs which the money goes to."

The young woman has won multiple national titles and continues to use her anti-bullying platform to help as many people as she can.

"I had a picture book in school that I had to carry around and point to," she said. "People would treat me differently, I would walk down the hall and people would whisper really bad spurs about me, I would go to the bathroom and there would be graffiti about how much I'm a loser."

One time Sewell said her locker was even bashed in by another student.

Being kind is a gesture that can save a life, she said.

"Sometimes it's just a single 'Hello, I'm here for you, I can be your friend,'" Sewell said. "Just going over and saying 'Hi' to someone can change their whole experience with bullying, it can change their lives."

Sewell is headed to Miss Royalty International this summer and is looking for donation and sponsors so she can continue to have a voice to stand against bullying.

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring Sewell contact her through her Facebook Miss MRI Canada 2018 Facebook page.

Wednesday, Feb. 28 is Pink Shirt Day a Canadian made anti-bullying movement.

Thousands if not millions of Canadians dress in pink to stand against bullying.

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