Bed bug nightmare

A Vernon couple's Vancouver vacation turned into a creepy crawly nightmare last week.

Kerrie and Callum Stewart drove all day on June 26 to North Vancouver, pulling into the North Vancouver Comfort Inn and Suites at about 9 p.m. They had travelled to the coast to visit their daughter, who was on a break from studying in Australia.

Kerrie picked up their daughter, and the three of them went straight to bed. Their daughter woke up itchy.

“She realized this could be bed bugs, because she's had them before, and they just send you into a panic," Kerrie told CTV News.

Upon further inspection, their fears were confirmed.

"There was a lot of the black dot excrements and big bed bugs and eggs and it was horrifying," Kerrie said. "There were dozens and dozens of bed bugs that you could see, and you never usually see a bed bug."

Management at the hotel offered to upgrade their room, and not charge them for their first night.

The family asked the manager of the hotel for $1,000 to replace items that had become infested, but management refused. The hotel says they offered to have the family's clothes dry cleaned. 

Kerrie took to social media, posting pictures and their story on her Facebook page. The post was shared over 16,000 times, and received over 2,000 comments.

The pictures show red sores all over the bodies of all three members of the family.

When CTV News contacted the hotel, management issued a statement saying bed bug infestations are not completely preventable, but “we want to express our sincere regret for the disappointment this family experienced during their stay with us."

- With files from CTV Vancouver

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