Still skiing in June

A member of the national ski team and some other enthusiasts took to the cross-country trails at Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre on Silver Star Mountain last weekend.

Gareth Williams of Kelowna, who skis for Canada, was joined by his brother, Ian, and Hannah Mehain, who is on the national junior team.

“This is kind of a novelty,” said Dudley Coulter, spokesperson for the centre, who said a video was shot of the three racing down the trails.

“It was for fun but the skiing is actually pretty good. It's actually not open to the public but there is still so much snow up there.”

Comparing it to last year, Coulter said Sovereign Lake mountain bike trails were opening up around this time.

“That's weeks away from happening,” Coulter said.

Meanwhile, SilverStar Mountain Resort hopes the mountain biking season will start on June 23.

A May 31st posting on its website stated: “The machines have been busy digging out the top of the mountain....This year we are digging them all out, may not mean they are all ready for the June 23rd, but this is the goal.  We only have couple short weeks for it to melt enough to fit today’s wide bars.”

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