Lake search suspended

The search for a missing Alberta man has been suspended.

Bruce Van Hasstrecht, 57, went missing April 1, prompting an extensive search of the lake and surrounding wooded area.

Described as a seasonal resident,Van Hasstrecht has a cabin on the 3500 block of Mabel Lake Road.

“RCMP Underwater Recovery completed a two-day search of water and underwater sonar was completed Saturday and Sunday,” said RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk. “VSAR conducted further searches on those days as well (with negative results).”

Early in the search, over 20 volunteers with Vernon Search and Rescue combed the area around the lake in search of the missing man.

Moskaluk said the search is being suspended for the time being, but will be reassessed as water temperatures and levels change.

"RCMP investigators did find evidence that Bruce Van Hasstrecht was at the lake’s edge at one point prior to his disappearance," said Moskaluk.

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