The people's choice

Samantha Sewell wants everyone to know they are not limited in what they can do.

The Vernon teen recently won the International People's Choice Award at the Miss Teen Galaxy International event in Orlando, Fla.

Sewell is the reigning Miss Teen Galaxy Canada and when it comes to tackling challenges head on, she knows of what she speaks.

“I was born with several speech impediments, as in plural. My mom always explained to me I almost had every single speech impediment,” said Sewell who has been in several pageants and spoke publicly numerous times.

“It was really difficult to talk. It was a real challenge, but I took it as a challenge, not a limitation.”

And Sewell is not done public speaking by a long shot.

“I hope to become a public speaker and to give hope to those children who have ever been told they can't do something or ever had a challenge in their life. I hope to speak at We Day this year, that's my dream right now.”

She will be the reigning Miss Teen Galaxy Canada until January, but that will likely not mark the end of her pageants.

“I hope to represent Canada on the Miss Universe stage,” she said.

Sewell said pageants has not only given her a chance to travel and meet new people, but to promote her anti-bullying message and her desire to encourage others that they can overcome whatever obstacles are in their path.

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