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Basket Weaving

I’m a pack rat. I keep everything from old year books to trinkets that I collected from various places visited and people known. Like a good materialist, I once believed that I needed to have my collections around me and loosely displayed on bookcases, shelving units and tables. Looking at it with a critical eye I realized that I was no more celebrating my life through artifacts than I was simply creating, well, clutter. That’s when I discovered the basket.

Baskets are very stylish—it looks great to incorporate a natural woven fibre into your home design, you can put them just about anywhere, and using them can make your home clean and clutter-free.

Some suggestions for de-cluttering your home using baskets:

Go to HomeSense:
The best baskets to be had are at HomeSense, I think. Their selection is fabulous (they have an aisle devoted to them—I love aisles devoted to things), their prices are good (you can get a great medium-sized wicker basket for about $12-$16—and there are always clearance items on sale), they carry baskets in different sizes, colours and styles (some have lids and some have handles), and they seem to always be getting new stock regularly.

The Family/Living/Media Rooms:
Start your de-cluttering with your living areas. These are the rooms that you spend the most time in, visitors most often see, and are probably the ones with the most stuff. Toss magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVDs, toys, blankets, slippers and other knick-knacks in baskets to keep them out of sight and from invading your style.

The Bathroom:
Bathrooms can sometimes be sensitive areas for people. You want to have lots of towels, toilet paper and bath products available for yourself and your guests, but don’t have the room. Use baskets and tuck them in the corner of the floor and on the counter or shelf.

The Bedroom:
Since the bedroom is your private space, it’s often the one that’s the most neglected—and, yes, cluttered. The zones that are the worst offenders of this are the night tables. Get matching baskets for each side of the bed for your night-time unmentionables, such as tissues, water, books, magazines, lotions and potions, and keep them hidden during the day.

The Kitchen:
Fold your kitchen linen (tea and hand towels, oven mitts, pot holders, and napkins) neatly in a basket and keep them easily accessible. Pulling them out of that drawer will create space you never thought you had. Also, use baskets in your cupboards for grouping those smaller items that make kitchen organization a real chore: tea, spices, small dishes and ramekins, Tupperware containers and the like.

Basket organization can be the first step toward de-cluttering your life and making your home look cleaner, larger, and more stylish. It saved my cluttered zones, and it can save yours too.

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