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An affair with Castanet

It’s officially official. Castanet has asked me to go steady. 

What started as a harmless little fling as a guest columnist on Writer’s Bloc, has flourished into an affair worthy of the gossip columns, or at least the Castanet columns.

They got tired of me hogging the guest columnist space. And after some late night, sweat inducing, hard-core negotiations, they offered me my own regular bi-weekly column, which you are now reading.

In an attempt to buy myself some time before my next “real column” is due, I thought I’d introduce myself. That way, my rose-coloured glasses views will make sense to you.  

I’m a single parent of a 14-year old boy and 16-year-old girl.  We live an honestly real, sometimes embarrassing, what-you-see-is-what-you-get life. 

It provides me with material and inspiration to write. I hope, one day, it will help change things that need to be changed — like bullying. It’s worse than ever, despite everyone donning a pink T-shirt once a year.

Living an open-book-type lifestyle can be difficult as I’ll hold myself accountable for not only my errors, but often those of my children as well. 

How else do they learn to become adults if not by using me as their model? By what I do more than what I say. 

As a result, much of what I write tends to be based around whatever crisis we’re facing at the time. And, these days, there has been a lot to choose from.

I’m also hoping to motivate you  — and make you laugh.

I’m an optimistic realist. I believe in good over bad. Forgiveness over grudges. 

Most days I believe in angels and I love reading my horoscope and seeing how much of what’s predicted happens. 

I buy lottery tickets with the expectation that I’ll be the next big winner. I believe in the powers of positive thinking and the universe working with me. 

And no glass can be half full without the knowledge that for every down, there’s a better up on the way.

Part of my personality is admitting to “stuff.”  And right now, I can honestly say that writing a bi-weekly column has me jittery about having enough material. And that’s where I need you. 

A wise person once told me to write what people want to read. So, if there is something you think is a good topic or would like to read about, please drop me a line via email. 

On that note, here’s to what I hope is a successful run in my first foray as a professional writer. 

May my words flow freely and easily and your laughter be hearty and from the gut. 

Chat in two(ish) weeks. Gulp.


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About the Author

Tanya Gunderson has been writing for the heck of it for many years. Her inspiration comes from her kids, their friends and the craziness of life. She takes great pleasure in exposing life for what it really is and has an open-book approach to her writing.

Her formal education and background include a blink-and-you miss-it stint in the radio and television industry, but it gave her an opportunity to write professionally on a few different occasions.

Email: [email protected]



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