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Action Orthotics and Prosthetics only full-time facility of its kind in South Okanagan

Action can help ease pain

Do your feet hurt all the time?

Are your knees keeping you from doing what you want?

Do you have lower back pain?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions—or if you have aches and pains in other locations on your body—Action Orthotics and Prosthetics is ready to make you right.

“If you’re in doubt about whether something could benefit you, come chat with us and we’ll help you figure that out," Action co-founder and certified prosthetist and orthotist Jacklyn Sullivan says.

Not only do you not need a doctor’s note, but the first visit to Action Orthotics and Prosthetics is free. Simply make an appointment, and get on the path to feeling better.

“I’ve always wanted people to come in and pick our brain and see how we can help them,” Sullivan says, “rather than them avoiding getting things seen because they’re worried there’s a cost just to go in.”

Action Orthotics and Prosthetics specializes in the body from head to toe, whether it’s a back brace for scoliosis, treatment for diabetic feet or a knee brace. It serves the entire South Okanagan, including Penticton, Princeton, Oliver and Osoyoos, and is the only full-time facility of its kind in the region. It is located at 128-197 Warren Ave. East.

Many people don’t know Action Orthotics and Prosthetics can also take care of all your prosthetics needs. All vascular surgery in the Okanagan takes place at Kelowna General Hospital, but not everyone is aware that South Okanagan residents do not have to travel to and from Kelowna to get fitted for prosthetics. The same goes for children who require leg braces. Trips to Kelowna are not required.

Sullivan notes many people do not realize they have benefits that will cover many of their products, which is yet another reason to go in and at least have a chat with the Action team.

“More often than not, people do have some funding that they’re just not aware of or they’re not taking advantage of,” she says.

That includes people who are in government disability programs, who are involved with Veterans Affairs and who are part of BC First Nations Health Authority. Action can bill directly through those organizations. Many people even have extended medical benefits that will help cover braces or foot orthotics to help provide relief before or after surgery.

So if you have pain that just won’t go away but you’re worried about what it will cost to fix it, get in touch with Action Orthotics and Prosthetics now.

You have nothing to lose.

“Do you want to walk the dog more? Do you want to play pickleball?” Sullivan says. “Well, there’s so many options out there that we can set somebody up with, including trials of several things, to see if we can reduce their pain and get their mobility back.

“Don’t let pain and disability negate your life that you want to live.”

More information about Action Orthotics and Prosthetics can be found on its website here.

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