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Uride's new features make getting around at an affordable price even easier

Uride unveils new features

Uride, the local ride-sharing platform, has announced the roll-out of four new features, designed to provide an enhanced, hassle-free commuting experience for its users. With reservations, comfort, multiple stops, and share a link functionalities now live, Uride continues to raise the bar in the ride-sharing industry, tailoring its service to better meet the unique needs of its riders.

Reservations: Planning in advance has never been easier. Users can now pre-book their Uride trips up to one week in advance, ensuring timely pickups and peace of mind for their upcoming travels, be it for early morning flights, the regular trip to work or any other appointment.

Comfort: Uride introduces an upgraded comfort option for riders seeking an elevated experience. Boasting newer car models and additional space, this feature is designed for those who might have extra luggage or those who simply prefer a more spacious and relaxed journey.

Multiple Stops: Whether users need to run an errand, pick up a friend on the way, or make a quick stop, the multiple stops feature allows passengers to add multiple destinations in one single trip. This feature ensures an uninterrupted journey and streamlined billing.

Share a Link: Security and transparency are important at Uride. With the share a link feature, riders can now send a real-time tracking link to friends or family, enabling them to monitor the trip's progress and ensure the rider’s safety and well-being.

“We constantly strive to innovate and integrate features that not only make ride-sharing more convenient but also enhance the overall ride experience,” Uride founder and CEO Cody Ruberto says. “These additions to our platform emphasize our dedication to serving the community with an adaptable, secure, and user-centric approach.”

Uride is a local ride-share service devoted to ensuring safe, reliable and affordable rides, particularly in smaller markets often ignored by industry leaders. Founded in 2017 by Ruberto, Uride’s mission is to curb impaired driving and foster local communities through consistent and convenient transportation.

Uride’s recent features follow the company’s ethos of community-first, focusing on local needs and feedback from riders and drivers to improve and expand its offerings. As ever, Uride remains steadfast in its commitment to providing quick pickups, friendly drivers, competitive pricing and a reliable commuting alternative in the Okanagan.

As a token of appreciation to the Castanet community, Uride is offering a special 35% discount. Use coupon code CASTANET before Oct. 15 to save.

For those eager to experience the new features or for those yet to join the Uride community, visit https://www.uride.co/ to download the app.

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