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Pythe Navis MDP helps navigate your insurance claim and puts you in the driver’s seat 

Navigating your claim


When you or your family experience a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, and need to make an insurance claim, it helps to have an advocate on your side that works for your best interests.

That’s where Pythe Navis MDP comes in.

“We are a multi-disciplinary practice offering both adjusting and legal services to our clients, and because of the unique structure of our business we are typically able to provide both services at a lower cost than if you had to obtain those services separately,” says partner Liam Corcoran, a lawyer and licensed adjuster at the firm.

Together with his partner James Smart, who is a long-time licensed adjuster with more than 35 years experience, the pair help those navigating insurance claims to fulfill the terms and conditions of their insurance policy from start-to-finish and they exclusively represent insureds, not insurance companies.

“Having a professional on your side is important,” says Corcoran. “And it’s becoming more and more necessary.”

The experience of suffering loss or damage to your home, personal property or business is devastating and that is what most people buy insurance for—to protect themselves in the event of a catastrophic loss. But the reality of navigating an insurance claim is often radically different and much more complicated than what most expect.

While many people expect the insurance company will be responsible for taking care of them in the event of a claim, the reality is that the burden of fulfilling the terms and conditions of a claim falls almost entirely on the policyholder.

Since most people are unable to satisfy all the requirements without assistance, and as a result are unable to properly present their claim to the insurance company for a settlement, insurance companies assign their own in-house adjusters or hire an “independent” adjuster to assist the policyholder. Those adjusters are hired and paid for by the Insurer and are therefore incentivized to work towards the interests of the insurance company, which may not be the same as the interests of the policyholder.

As Smart puts it, relying on the insurance company’s adjuster to get you where you want to go is a lot like getting on a bus without knowing where it’s going. You may get to your intended destination, or you may not. The bus might start out heading in the right direction, but then it might change course. The problem is that you aren’t driving the bus and therefore don’t have any control over where the bus or your claim is heading. And once the bus starts moving, it can be very difficult or impossible to get it to stop or change direction by yourself.

He says Pythe Navis MDP steps into the driver’s seat on behalf of its clients and helps them get to their desired destination, which involves achieving optimal recovery consistent with their goals and objectives.

“Insurance policies are a form of contract. Like any contract, there are often shades of grey and the contract can be interpreted multiple ways” says Corcoran, who was called to the bar in 2015 and previously worked on behalf of insurance companies at a large Vancouver litigation firm.

“The objective is to settle claims without litigation as much as possible. Sometimes it is necessary, and we can provide those services, but the process is lengthy and extensive, and clients are often better served by treating the legal system as a last resort.”

As B.C.’s only multi-disciplinary legal/adjusting practice, Corcoran and Smart represent the policyholders making the claim, not the insurance companies paying it out.

The partners at Pythe Navis take the time to explain how insurance works and the different options clients have available to them under their policies.

“When dealing with something as important as the loss of your home or your business, it doesn’t make sense to take a chance and hope for the best. It makes sense to hire people who are trained to provide you with assistance and to ensure that you get the benefit that you are entitled to from your insurance claim.”

During the stress of dealing with a catastrophic event, those making an insurance claim should not feel forced into settling for less than is fair. With Pythe Navis on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing your interests will be well looked after.

Pythe Navis MDP is based in Surrey and has an office in Vancouver but represents clients throughout British Columbia. For more information, call 604-590-5886, email [email protected] or go to the practice’s website at pythenavis.ca.

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