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You want experience when getting your car fixed, and The AutoDoctor has plenty

AutoDoctor cures your ride

Whether you have an issue with your tires, front end, brakes, alignment, air conditioning or most anything else that has to do with an automobile, The AutoDoctor will see you now.

The Kelowna automotive repair shop can do it all when it comes to your ride—the only exceptions being fluids, transmissions and engines. The AutoDoctor was previously called AirDoctor, mostly because of its ability to fix any air conditioning issue with your vehicle.

The shop got so good at fixing and servicing air conditioning that people did not realize it had the ability to do so much more.

“We are still having longtime customers coming in here and saying, ‘I didn't know you guys change tires. I didn’t know you guys did alignments. I didn’t know you guys could do my brakes.’ We do pretty much everything,” The AutoDoctor head mechanic Dave Leake says.

The AutoDoctor is located at 2670 Enterprise Way, which is basically the intersection of Enterprise and Harvey. It is close to Okanagan Dodge and Budget Rent a Car.

“We’re the little shop that grew up and moved to the spot on the corner,” owner Perry Harris says of his shop, which he expanded to approximately double its size in 2016.

Harris and Leake boast decades of experience in the automotive industry, which allows them to make an assessment quickly and to find the best solution that will have you back on the road in no time.

Harris met Steve Wolfe and Dave Ward, who taught him all about air conditioning and auto electric in their respective companies, AirWolfe and Ward’s Electric. Harris purchased AirWolfe in 2014 and renamed it AirDoctor. Leake, meanwhile, has been twisting wrenches for his entire adult life, and it shows.

“We have one of the best front end mechanics in the shop,” Harris says. “Dave is just simply amazing. We have all the most up to date diagnostics that money can buy and know how to use them.”

Harris and Leake are also guiding the next generation of mechanics, as The AutoDoctor hired Maddie Christian as its apprentice earlier this summer. Christian comes from an automotive family and already has years of experience through Kelowna Secondary School’s auto service tech program.

Another popular service The AutoDoctor offers is digital video inspections for people who are looking to buy a used car.

“We recommend that every person who is buying a used car gets it inspected,” Christian says. “Video inspection means we go over the whole thing and we record it so that there is proof of everything that we’ve done.

“Both the buyer and the seller can have a copy of it, so in case there’s any issues with the suspension, or lights or body or anything, they’ll be able to have a record of that.”

To celebrate its growing staff, The AutoDoctor is offering a winter tires deal. If you purchase your winter wheels from The AutoDoctor, it will mount and balance them for free.

More information about The AutoDoctor can be found on its website here.

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