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Kelowna's Connected Supply Chain Solutions keeps your business moving

Connected Supply delivers

If you have something that needs to get somewhere, Connected Supply Chain Solutions can make it happen.

The Kelowna-based company has such a diverse group of offerings that it is as much a solution company as a transportation one. It specializes in refrigerated transport, hotshot services, cross docking, final mile delivery and third-party logistics, which means it can store products until they are sold.

And then, of course, Connected Supply will deliver it, too.

Co-founder A.J. Chaddock said the company, which started out working with primarily the cannabis sector, wants to showcase its versatility to the world, because it has always had the ability to meet specialized demands. The company’s business model offers end-to-end solutions for firms, ensuring products are transported, stored and managed efficiently.

“We’ll bring your bulk products in,” Chaddock says. “We can store it and manage your inventory, and then deliver it as you need it.”

The company’s expansive range of transport options, from local five tons and sprinter vans to semis, ensures flexibility and adaptability. Notably, the entire fleet is temperature-controlled, accommodating both chilled and dry cargo.

Connected Supply Chain Solutions is also proud of its cross-docking capabilities, a game-changer for those facing delivery or transportation complications.

“Let’s say you have a trailer coming into Kelowna, and the delivery is not until the next day,” he says. “You can bring it here, any time of the day or night. We’ll offload it. That trailer can keep going, and the next day another trailer or truck can come pick it up and do deliveries.”

The company’s less than trailer load, or LTL, line haul is another significant offering, operating a weekly temperature-controlled trips between Richmond and Ontario. It embarks on its journey every Friday and arrives three days later, making stops in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg along the way. Connected Supply also has storage capabilities in the Kootenays and makes a delivery trip from the region to the Central Okanagan every Friday.

Connected Supply’s Kelowna facility also has a standard cannabis processing licence, which means it can provide co-packing services for cannabis brands that send in bulk products for further processing, packaging and delivery.

More information about Connected Supply Chain Solutions and everything it offers can be found on its website here.

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