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At Red Barn winery there are no rules

An unconventional winery

Explore the uncharted and unknown with Red Barn Winery in Oliver through daringly disruptive wines sourced from organically-farmed vineyards on Black Sage Bench. Surrounded by steep rocky cliffs at 1,400 feet elevation, a deep respect for the land and an edgy, experimental attitude join forces to harness the greatness this rugged terrain can deliver on.

There is no such thing as convention at Red Barn, and winemaker Kaylee Barss can attest to that.

“The best part about Red Barn is that there are no rules,” she says.

“Year-to-year, I make completely different things. Reimagining traditional Okanagan varieties, such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, while exploring exotic Italian grapes, like Nebbiolo and Barbera. With grapes nurtured in our own backyard at Jagged Rock, expect some seriously fun wines fermented in stainless steel or concrete that will keep you on your toes. Catch you on the wild side."

Join the "unordinary"

Have the chance to try Kaylee’s wines first through Red Barn's Wine League, where members can enjoy priority access to small-batch wines, experiences and pop-up pours offsite with select partners.

Did we also mention this comes complete with three curated wine shipments throughout the year with giftable perks if you’re not in the area?

Get in touch with Red Barn Winery through its exclusive member hotline, where they can book you in for an experience, or just chat about the unruly beauty of its vineyards in Jagged Rock. Bottles and banter await.

(778) 743-4776 or [email protected]

Red Barn—Tradition meets misfit, that's its wine game.

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