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Interior Pool and Spa will come to you to test your pool water and keep it safe

Clean your pool with ease

The weather is getting hot, and it is now pool season in the Okanagan.

One company well aware of this fact is Interior Pool and Spa. It is gearing up for another busy year and introducing a new program that is sure to make pool and hot tub owners mighty happy.

Interior Pool and Spa currently does free water testing in store, but it is now offering a weekly water testing service for pools and hot tubs. Most pool and hot tub owners have to collect a water sample themselves and drive it somewhere to get tested.

No more, according to Interior Pool and Spa part owner Brandon Eikel, who wants to make life easier for all the pool owners out there through the Weekly Water Testing Subscription.

“We’re going to come to you, and we’re doing it to better serve our customers so people don’t have to spend time in their cars, in traffic, trying to get their water tested,” Eikel says. “It helps keep things simple for water safety and clarity. The service will also keep a record of water chemistry, which is beneficial for warranty in case anything ever goes wrong with your equipment.

“We’re also trying to help people have clearer pools, too. It’s to make sure the pools are safe and that they’re getting the right amount of chemicals they need.”

Some of the repercussions of unbalanced water is skin irritation, algae or equipment breakdown. A monthly subscription to Interior’s water testing program, which comes at an affordable price, will take all those worries away and let you enjoy your summer to the fullest.

The subscription includes Interior Pool and Spa coming to your home, collecting a water sample, professionally testing the water and emailing you the results. Results include step-by-step instruction to balance your pool water.

The subscription provides 10% off all in-store and online purchases, and free delivery from Peachland to Lake Country on all online orders.

“A subscription simplifies things,” Eikel says. “It saves you time. It gets you a deal on pool chemicals. And then you can also go online and shop, and have it delivered by the next day.”

Click here to inquire about the Weekly Water Testing Subscription.

As for getting your pool ready for the summer, there are a few steps you can take to make sure everything is perfect for your next backyard gathering. A few of those steps include:

Clean the pool: Start by removing any leaves or debris that have accumulated in the pool during the off-season. Use a skimmer net to remove any large debris and a pool vacuum to remove any smaller particles from the bottom of the pool. Add start up chemicals to sanitize and remove algae.

Check the pool equipment: Inspect the pool equipment, including the pump, filter and heater, to ensure that everything is in good working order. If you notice any leaks, cracks or other issues, have them repaired before the swimming season begins.

Maintain the pool: Once the pool is ready for swimming, it’s important to maintain it throughout the season. This includes checking chemical levels regularly, cleaning the pool, and cleaning the filters, skimmer and pump baskets. Want to make things easier? Check out the robotic cleaners in Interior Pool and Spa’s e-store. More information can be provided in store as well.

And Interior Pool and Spa is always there to help with anything you need, including opening or closing your pool, maintenance, service and repair and renovations. Sign up for services on its website or call 250-868-4831. Head over to www.interiorpoolandspa.com to browse all services, and visit shop.interiorpoolandspa.com to shop for your pool and spa supplies.

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