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Quails' Gate Winery offers comparative wine tastings

Right Place. Right time.

The art of winemaking is all about time and place.

Starting Jan. 26, Quails’ Gate Winery invites you to explore these unique wine-growing influences with Right Place. Right Time. comparative tastings.

Savour the intricacies of each unique growing season and explore the power of time as wine experts guide you through an exploratory tasting flight of five Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from carefully selected vintages to discover the nuances that time reveals.

Each flight will compare the rich 2010 Estate Chardonnay against the bright 2020 along with the smooth 2013 Estate Pinot Noir against the well-structured 2021. All complemented by the elegant and coveted 2020 Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir

Wine Club members can also enjoy an additional tasting experience comparing the complex 2010 Quails’ Gate Dry Riesling against the crisp 2021 Dry Riesling.

You can also take home this special experience with Right Place. Right Time. gift sets available in the Quail’s Gate Wine Shop or at quailsgate.com.

These specialty gift sets include two select vintages of either the Estate Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Dry Riesling or Old Vines Foch. Each set is thoughtfully packaged in a signature Quails' Gate designer box.

Taste the days gone by while exploring the promise of something worth savouring. Book your Right Place. Right Time. comparative tasting today at quailsgate.com and get a taste of time and place.

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