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MNP Kelowna has become part of the fabric of Interior cities

MNP soaring in BC Interior

When MNP and its handful of employees arrived in Kelowna in 2005, merging in local accounting firm Snowsell Jennens & Carter, one wonders if they would have been able to picture where they are today.

As of last Tuesday, MNP Kelowna is now in its new, 23,000 square foot office space on the 14th and 15th floors of the city’s new Landmark 7 tower. The office moved down the street from their former home in the Landmark 4 building—and the sky is the limit for this accounting and business consulting firm.

The move to the 15th floor is a substantial one, and it is also symbolic. The company has become a prominent part of the Kelowna community in less than two decades, and now their physical home is emblematic of their sweeping stature in the Central Okanagan.

“Kelowna is a place we’re proud to call home,” MNP Thompson-Okanagan managing partner Trina Warren says. “We can feel the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of community here. We’ve maintained our firm’s culture to reflect those same values, and we’re confident people will feel that when they work alongside us.”

Firms do not grow in a location like MNP has without gaining the trust of their community. The reasons they have done so are plentiful, from giving back to the community through volunteering, fundraising, sponsorships and donations, to hiring Okanagan College and UBCO graduates.

Add the fact that MNP supports local businesses, non-profit organizations, the public sector and Indigenous organizations, and it’s no wonder the employee base has grown to more than 100 members. You do not have to go far in Kelowna to find someone who either works for MNP or uses them to support their business or organization. Their clients are also their neighbours.

As an example of its community-mindedness, MNP Kelowna’s partners made one of its most significant contributions to the betterment of the region when they established the MNP Community Fund with the Central Okanagan Foundation and gave an inaugural donation of $150,000 over three years to the Family Hub Program, run by Kelowna Community Resources, that provides support services and connection for families in the Okanagan.

MNP Kelowna has clearly been delivering outstanding service to their clients, but now they feel they will be able to offer even more in their new Landmark 7 location. In addition to accounting and tax services, MNP Kelowna also brings specialized expertise in succession planning, cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting, performance improvement and digital services. It is expanding its specialty services continually, and it is backed by a national firm that is based in Western Canada and is growing throughout the province—and across the country.

Over the last 17 years MNP Kelowna has expanded their service offerings to local small and medium-sized businesses across all of Kelowna’s major industries, including private enterprise, real estate and construction, professional practitioners, dealerships, agriculture, credit unions, not for profits and public sector clients.

Despite MNP’s growth in resources and the services they offer, the firm is adamant that some things will never change.

“MNP Kelowna has no plans to slow down in growing our resources and the value-added services we bring to the business community, but the one thing that will never change is our personalized approach to business and our commitment to the communities where we live and work,” Warren says. “We can’t wait to see what the next 17 years will bring.”

More information about MNP Kelowna can be found here.

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