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A lawn that looks great all year round

Benefits of synthetic grass

Aside from aesthetics, there are many benefits associated with installing synthetic grass.

In addition to long-term savings associated with a reduction in maintenance and reduced water costs, there are also environmental benefits, such as water savings, especially in drier climates like the Okanagan.

As a cost-effective alternative to natural turf, synthetic grass not only looks good year-round, it’s also easier to maintain and provides a safe and weather-proof surface that won’t tie up your time with mowing, weeding and fertilizing.

“It's a low maintenance solution so you can spend time doing the things you love and enjoying the Okanogan lifestyle versus doing yard care on the weekends,” says Marcus Matthews of KelMar Yardworx, a south Okanagan-based landscape company that specializes in the installation of synthetic grass.

“It gives people more time to spend with their families and doing what they want to do.”

The list of benefits associated with synthetic grass is lengthy. Here are just a few of the benefits:

A reduction in your water bill

Everyone loves to save money and with the installation of synthetic grass, the days of big water bills during the dry summer months will be a thing of the past. In Penticton there are year-round, assigned day water conservation measures to keep up with the city's demand for clean drinking water, and water for irrigation and commercial use.

Savings on the maintenance costs associated with real grass lawns

Seeding, watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing…the list of chores associated with lawn upkeep is never-ending for many homeowners. And then there is the maintenance of an underground irrigation system if you have one.

Savings on gardening equipment

Lawnmowers, trimmers and other gardening lawn maintenance equipment are expensive and over the years need to be maintained and replaced.

No harmful pesticides

With concern about the long-term effects of pesticides and other chemical treatments to control moss and weeds on lawns, as well as the impact of chemical treatments on pets and wildlife, an alternative to natural grass is a much healthier option.

No more mud and grass stains

Muddy footprints traipsed into the house - by both humans and pets - are a thing of the past with synthetic grass.


With no pollen count, hay fever and other seasonal allergy sufferers can rejoice when the yard is made up of synthetic grass rather than natural turf.

No shade, no problem

With shaded spots on natural grass lawns, more work is required to keep them as green as other sections of the lawn that get plenty of sunlight. With synthetic grass, you get a uniform colour year-round.


We all love our four-legged friends but sometimes they can be hard on a yard. Synthetic grass can be cleaned with a garden house and a mild detergent when needed and digging holes is a thing of the past.


Synthetic grass can provide a soft surface for children to play on, protecting little ones from trips and falls.

UV protection

Modern synthetic grass comes with great UV protection and does not fade or change colour despite what Mother Nature throws at it in the form of bright light, hot sun, cold weather, snow or rain.

Multiple uses

Synthetic grass can be used for more than just lawns. It can also be an attractive accent to the outside of your home or be used for a putting green for the golf enthusiast. And with excellent drainage, it is perfect for use any time you need it.


Unlike natural turf, wear and tear is not an issue for good quality synthetic grass. It has a long lifespan which means it will continue functioning as planned and look good for years to come.

“There really are so many benefits associated with synthetic grass,” says Matthews, whose company uses North American-made products to ensure top quality for his customers in the south Okanagan.

The estimated annual cost of lawn servicing, including annual irrigation system blow outs, mowing time, equipment repairs, water bills, landscapers, aerators etc, is around $2,500. But a switch to synthetic grass, makes the time spent doing things you love with your family, priceless.

So, if you are considering synthetic grass, or maybe planning to install a putting green for your home, contact KelMar Yardworx at [email protected] or call 250 309-3664.

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