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Get to BOYD quickly with a stone chip to prevent a crack from forming

Nip windshield chips in bud

Insurance companies in recent years finally came to the realization that paying to fix windshield chips would save them plenty of money in the long run.

Because if those stone chips were repaired, the number of windshields that would have to be replaced would be reduced.

In other words, the only thing you’re going to spend getting that stone chip in your windshield repaired at BOYD Autobody & Glass is merely a small amount of time.

“Right now they’re sweeping the streets. All the rocks are coming off,” says Methal Abougoush, who owns the Okanagan’s five BOYD Autobody & Glass locations. “So it's pretty much good to go.”

The problem with letting a stone chip fester is there is a good chance it will eventually become a cracked windshield. When your windshield is cracked, the structural integrity of your vehicle is compromised. When the structural integrity of your vehicle is compromised, your personal safety is at risk.

“In the event of a rollover, the windshield actually helps keep the roof up,” Abougoush says. “In some vehicles your windshield actually serves as a backstop for your airbag on the passenger side.”

Chips are prone to become cracks due to extreme temperature changes. If it’s cold outside and you’re using your heat, chances are it will lead to a crack. The same goes for when it is hot outside and you’re blasting your air conditioning. It will cause the chip to split and crack your windshield.

While you might think a stone chip repair is cosmetic, it is not. It is a structural fix that includes resin being injected into the air pockets that a chip creates. One thing to remember is there are times when it will appear that the chip is not fixed when, in fact, it has actually been filled completely with resin.

“What most people don't know is that if you have comprehensive glass coverage with ICBC, or even private insurance, you’re likely covered 100 percent to get that chip fixed with no cost to you—no out of pocket cash at all,” Abougoush says.

BOYD is the place to take your vehicle should you have a chip or a cracked windshield. All five Interior locations are certified windshield repair centres, which means its technicians know how to deal with recently made cars that feature rain sensor wipers or automatically adjusting headlights.

The key with a chip or a crack is to get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Another great reason to get the work done at BOYD is because a portion of the proceeds from each repair and replacement in April and May is donated to the BC SPCA.

Check out BOYD Autobody & Glass’ BC Interior website for the location nearest to you.

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