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Reach Tire & Auto's mobile tire service comes to you for tire change

Mobile tire service so easy


Is there a bigger time killer than when you have to take your vehicle to the tire shop?

Twice a year you have to throw four tires into the back of your vehicle and roll on down to the shop to get them changed for summer or for winter. As a result, you end up blowing three hours or so that you are never going to get back.

Your time is more valuable than that, which is why Reach Tire & Auto offers its mobile tire service. If you are in Kelowna, Vernon or Kamloops, all you have to do is call or click to “reach” out and make an appointment. A Reach Tire & Auto employee will meet you wherever you are at the time of your appointment and change all four of your tires.

“What differentiates us from everybody else is the mobile part,” Reach Tire & Auto co-founder Wes Ortwein says. “We bring the tire shop to wherever the person's vehicle is: home, the office, wherever.”

It’s that simple. Reach Tire & Auto can change your tires quickly if they are on rims, and it also has the ability to transfer the rims as well. The company’s Ram ProMaster cargo van has all the capabilities required, including the power and the space to operate the tire changer.

The locally owned and operated business knows how busy life is in the Okanagan, which is why it has put so much attention on its mobile tire service.

“The value is in the time—as in the time that it takes to make your appointment, go to the tire shop, sit there at the tire shop, maybe leave your vehicle and come back, maybe go to the office or get a ride in and out. Those types of things,” Ortwein says. “That creates a lot of additional work for somebody. So switching back and forth from your winters to your summers or your summers to your winters … the value is in the time savings.”

The only requirement with the mobile tire service is that you are near your vehicle during the appointment. That way the person changing your tires can say hello and ask any questions that might arise.

Reach Tire & Auto has physical stores in Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops you can visit as well, and Ortwein says his business will also make exceptions and head outside of city limits if someone needs several vehicles’ tires changed.

More information about Reach Tire & Auto can be found on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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