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Synthetic turf is growing in popularity

Superior synthetic grass

When it comes to greening your yard, natural grass is not the only option.

Advances in synthetic turf have made it an ideal option to replace grass in many cases, and its growth in popularity - especially in drier climates such as we have in the Okanagan - has seen it used more often not only in residential yards but also at businesses and for specialty uses, such as golf putting practice greens.

Synthetic grass has come a long way since its inception more than 50 years ago, and companies like Penticton-based KelMar Yardworx can help provide your yard with the look and feel of real grass without the maintenance cost and effort associated with real turf.

Both the look and feel of today’s modern synthetic grass is a far cry from the fake-looking green “carpet” of the past. Improvements in technology have helped make the product not only more appealing but more popular in recent years.

According to Marcus Matthews of KelMar Yardworx, synthetic turf is an ideal low-maintenance landscaping option that not only looks good and wears well, but also has several benefits over real turf, including time and long-term cost savings associated with the maintenance of real turf, as well as environmental benefits—it does not require fertilizing, pesticides or watering and can be installed quickly.

Synthetic grass is also now often being used as a component in xeriscape yards, which are growing in popularity throughout the Okanagan.

Matthews says while there is the upfront cost, in the long-run, synthetic turf can be far cheaper than regular turf because of its relatively long lifespan and maintenance cost savings.

Modern synthetic grass products will last 15 to 25 years, they carry a warranty and are especially good in areas with both high and low traffic. They are also great for putting greens, something Matthews said he has seen an increasing demand for in recent years.

His company, which started in 2016, provides residential and commercial property owners in the south Okanagan top-level landscaping and installation services, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance.

Installation can be quick and synthetic grass can be ideal in areas where real turf can be either hard to install or would be difficult to maintain, such as heavily shaded and especially dry areas.

In addition to its business, the company, which started in 2016, is also heavily involved in the south Okanagan community, supporting area organizations such as Discovery House, a recovery house for men, and Business Gives Back, a group that raises money for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, which helps feed school-aged children.

KelMar Yardworx also works with the Penticton Vees and supports the South Okanagan Minor Baseball Association. Matthews is also on the board of KidsSport, an organization that helps children participate in organized sports.

You can contact KelMar Yardworx at 250 309-3664 or go to its website at kelmaryardworx.ca.

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