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Lexston Life Sciences aims to bring psychedelics to those in need

Lexston's psychedelic push

Lexston Life Sciences has been in the cannabis research industry for nearly a decade.

Now the company is leveraging that knowledge as it turns its attention to psychedelics, which are poised to become a mainstream treatment for mental disorders like depression. Lexston, along with wholly owned subsidiaries Egret Bioscience and Zenalytic Laboratories, knows the industry inside and out, and it plans to hit the ground running once psychedelics get the green light to become a legal and mainstream product.

There is growing evidence that psychedelics can help fight mental issues, and one of Lexston’s goals is to best integrate them into modern society to improve mental health and wellness.

“We are building the tools necessary for a regulated supply chain that does not yet exist on the market,” Lexston chief science officer and director Dr. Philippe Henry says. “We have been active in the cannabis space for the past eight years, and have developed chemical and genetic tools for best practice in the cannabis industry.”

And one of the next steps for Lexston in its journey will involve toads.

Yes, toads.

Egret Bioscience, which is Lexston’s research and development arm, and Alvarius Research Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lighthouse Genomics Inc., have teamed up for a research project involving the Colorado River toad. The study will examine the tryptamines produced in the toads’ parotoid glands secretions, which may be the most efficient producer of psychoactive compounds of any living organism.

“The conservation status of this species in the wild has made it challenging to work with,” Dr. Henry says. “However, we expect that our collaboration with Alvarius will ensure that alternative means to produce natural tryptamines will be in place to accommodate the anticipated demand for this class of psychedelics.”

The company, through Egret Bioscience, is also teaming up with American company Panacea Plant Sciences Inc. to expand the supply chain, reduce the supply cost, and characterize the chemistry and pharmacology of a host of psychedelic compounds using each team’s particular expertise.

These are exciting times for the burgeoning psychedelic industry, and Lexston is showing that it is at the forefront of that journey. The company is also looking for people to participate in its cannabis and psychedelic compliance testing.

More information about Lexston and its psychedelic research can be found on its website.

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