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Snowbirds who can't go south should consider insulation upgrades

Insulation work makes cents

Most years, close to a million Canadians flock south to avoid the cold and snow. But with land borders still closed, it is once again proving challenging to retreat south for the winter months.

Last winter there was a huge surge in winter tire purchases, as many snowbirds had to buy new tires for the season. (Pssst! Have you got your tires for this year?) And many discovered that spending the winter months in their Canadian home rather than their U.S. home left some comfort to be desired.

What’s something you can do to add a little cozy to the upcoming winter? Reinvest your travel fund into your home! Upgrading the insulation in your attic and crawlspace before the snow starts to fall will help to keep your home warm while saving energy costs.

Bringing your home’s attic insulation up to modern standards will increase your home’s comfort. Insulation experts recommend blown-in insulation to fill every nook and cranny in the attic. Okanagan Insulation can help you determine if you need more insulation by visiting your home, surveying your attic and providing a free quote. The best part of investing in your home are the rebates being offered through FortisBC and the Greener Homes Grant for attic insulation upgrades.

As above, so below. Experts recommend applying spray foam insulation to the walls of your crawl space. This simple upgrade can save up to 20% on your energy bill. Ventilated crawlspaces are needed to mitigate moisture collecting under the floor, but it comes at a cost. Even closing your vents during the winter will not stop the warm air from escaping out of your house. It is recommended to have your crawlspace inspected; evaluate the level of insulation required to keep the warm air inside and what steps are needed to maximize the air-tightness seal. You can then take advantage of the crawlspace and basement insulation rebate of up to $1,200. Couple this rebate with your attic insulation upgrade to get the opportunity to increase your savings.

Much like death and taxes, snow is one of the few guarantees in life when living in Canada, so why not reinvest your travel dollars into your home this year with the help of home upgrade rebates and Okanagan Insulation Services.

This family-owned and operated insulation company is backed by over 40 years of experience and offers affordable, reliable and professional service. President and general manager, Josh Meyer, ensures that every customer is satisfied with a job done right. They offer free estimates for insulation upgrades to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

“While we can’t replace the warm, tropical get-aways that many Canadians will be missing again this year, we can certainly help them stay warm at home,” Meyer says. “Hopefully, with the savings on their energy bills they will see after the insulation upgrades, they can splurge for a well-deserved vacation next winter!”

More information about Okanagan Insulation Services, which leads the way with full-service insulation contractors by specializing in new construction, renovations and upgrades, can be found here.

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