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SOS Sleep Solutions will help young ones sleep through the night

More sleep for you and baby

Baby and toddler sleep problems can be debilitating for exhausted and frustrated parents, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

SOS Sleep Solutions is a new Kelowna business from Sam Parr, a B.C. native who has history in the medical field but who wanted to work with children and families. Her mission with SOS is to help new parents get their lives back—or prevent them from losing control in the first place.

“You can have your life back in two to three weeks, which I think is just amazing,” Parr says.

Sleeping patterns can get out of whack early, because there are easy solutions to make a parent’s life easier. For example, it’s not uncommon for new parents to rock their children to get them to fall asleep. If that becomes a pattern, mom or dad has to be with the baby every time they fall asleep.

If that occurs, SOS Sleep Solutions will work with the parents to implement regimented sleep guidelines. Parr will also work with expectant parents to educate them and eliminate any sleep problems before they occur.

The joy that parents feel after getting their children into a regimented sleep pattern is a motivating factor for Parr.

“For me, that is the best part of the job,” Parr says. “It’s the texts and the emails that say I’ve changed people’s lives. It’s the most amazing feeling.

“I’m excited and happy, and I just want to help more. Because what’s a better text than being told that you changed a person’s life?”

Anyone interested in SOS Sleep Solutions can set up a free, 15-minute discovery call with Parr to discuss any questions or concerns before they get started. One thing parents need to know is that it does take two or three weeks of firm commitment to the program to effect change, but the rewards are more than worth it.

“It changes the time with their kids, the time with their husbands and their careers,” Parr says. “They can be a better parent, a better friend, a better sister … because they’re sleeping again.

“It’s as much about parents having the right to quality sleep as their kids. And it’s OK for parents to want both of those things to happen.”

Toddlers take a little more time than babies because they have been set in their ways for a longer period of time and they also have the urge to push back more.

No matter how much time it takes, Parr will provide the education required to change habits and behaviours, and allow your little one to fall asleep more independently.

Learn more about SOS Sleep Solutions on its website here.

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