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Halcyon Hot Springs is the perfect place to slow ... life ... down

Perfect place to slow ... life

One of the expressions you will hear around Halcyon Hot Springs is “slow life.”

And when you hear the words “slow life,” that is a guide—as in, slow life down … and relax. Halcyon, after all, means “calm and serene.”

The resort’s main attraction, of course, are the restorative waters of the mineral hot springs, which feature some of the highest lithia content in North America. Studies have shown that lithia water has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and can actually regenerate pathways in the brain. Lithium also has anti-depressant properties.

The hot springs are not the only reason to get away to Halcyon, which is south of Revelstoke and north of Nakusp but nowhere near anywhere. The required, minimum two-night stay means you can also enjoy the resort’s day spa, the onsite restaurant, and the gorgeous 33 acres of nature that surround the resort and feature a wide network of trails for mountain biking or hiking.

And if you just want to sit, you can do that, too—all while soaking in the stunning views of Arrow Lake and the Monashee mountains beyond.

“We want you to be able to come here and turn off, experience the serenity of our wellness resort,” Halcyon’s Patrick Spencer says. “It’s not a quick come in and go.”

The accommodations at Halcyon are all private cottages, including the upgraded king cottages, which are essentially four-star hotel rooms in the middle of the forest.


The resort’s restaurant, meanwhile, has been rated the top eatery in the Nakusp area, according to Tripadvisor, and it will soon feature even more fresh food as it adopts a farm-to-table philosophy. Halcyon is in the process of building a greenhouse that will also supply some of the freshest food for its guests.

“It’s a mix of classic French cuisine and West Coast, with a little bit of our Kootenay flair,” Spencer says.

Also in the works is a new outdoor events area that will be able to host weddings and other special occasions, and more wellness retreats and workshops are also in the cards. Yoga is always a popular pastime at the resort, but some of the upcoming workshops will feature wellness retreats, the local Aboriginal community and Okanagan Eastern medicine.

Add it all up, and Halcyon Hot Springs is the perfect place to slow … life …. There are seasonal deals and resort specials available, although resort booking is limited, so it’s always best to book well in advance.

Oh, and if you have your own helicopter or can rent one, the resort has a helipad.

Whether it’s by car or by chopper, Halcyon Hot Springs is the perfect place to land.

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