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Associated Property Management looking for new strata managers

APM seeks strata managers

Associated Property Management leads the way when it comes to property and strata management in Kelowna, and now it is looking for people who want to join the team.

The number of strata developments reaching for the skies in Kelowna has never been greater, and managers of those buildings are required. APM is looking for strata managers, whose licences can be attained in approximately six months for only $1,500 through Sauder School of Business.

Associated Property Management owner and managing broker Rob Zivkovic says a strata manager can make good money—enough to even one day own a home in the competitive Kelowna market.

“Our remuneration package is one of the most competitive—if not the most competitive—in B.C., and we know it,” Zivkovic says. “We have two models of an independent contractor. There’s no limit to the ceiling of earning potential. Much like a Realtor in training, you get out what you put in.

“But then we also have a very competitive salary package for those who are not comfortable with the commission structure. We can build a very secure package with our licensed strata managers.”

Strata management is a unique occupation in that it deals in many different facets of business, including legal, sales and maintenance aspects, but ultimately is it is a people business.

“You’re working for and with the community,” Zivkovic says. “You become one of the team players, with the councils of volunteer members, and you get to join that community in furthering the interest and developing a vibrant, healthy, clean and safe community.”

APM, which is locally owned and operated, offers a mentorship program within its office, and the ability to work remotely is also an option. APM has also been named Kelowna’s best property management company two years in a row.

The best part, according to Zivkovic, is how a strata manager’s day is never dull.

“Every day is different,” he says. “It’s the furthest from anything mundane. It’s very dynamic, day in and day out. I mean that with no level of exaggeration. There’s a very gratifying sense of contribution and a very gratifying sense of accomplishment when you’re part of the solution for others and communities.”

More information about the Sauder School of Business strata management program can be found here, and anyone interested in getting the ball rolling with APM right away can send their resume to [email protected].

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