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Connect Hearing will be there on your journey to better hearing

Connect for better hearing

A woman recently came into a Connect Hearing in Kelowna to let the employees there know how grateful she was for the work they had done with her father.

The man was going to lose his driver’s licence due to hearing loss, but Connect Hearing was able to get him the proper hearing aids that ultimately allowed him to keep his licence. Connect was with him every step of the way, and his daughter just had to say thanks.

“That was life changing, because his quality of life would have gone in a completely different direction had he not come to us,” says Nancy Nolt, the regional clinic manager for Connect Hearing who oversees the company’s Interior, Kootenay and Lower Mainland locations.

The above story is just one of many emotional moments Connect Hearing employees experience on a regular basis. When someone gets their hearing back or improved, the emotions pour out of them.

“Our difference is that client experience,” Nolt says. “We want people to come in and have an experience with us. It’s so moving and heartfelt and impactful on their quality of life that they just can’t stop talking about us. They just want to share their story on how we’ve made a difference for them.”

Connect Hearing, which has two locations in Kelowna and another in West Kelowna, is a national company and therefore boasts a large network of resources.

More importantly, Connect Hearing gives people the chance to try hearing aids for two weeks without committing to a purchase. According to research, people struggle with their hearing for an average of seven years before they commit even to a hearing test, which highlights just how apprehensive people can be. Nolt hopes people will choose to come into Connect Hearing sooner. This will help people who are having trouble hearing conversations or are becoming withdrawn due to hearing impairment.

“Once you try them in certain environments where you are struggling … once we introduce an improvement, it’s amazing how the dollar value can kind of step out of the conversation,” Nolt says, “because the emotional impact rises for them and they’re like, ‘I need to do this. I need to do this for myself.’”

The financial investment of hearing aids cannot be ignored, but the investment into your hearing health your can be life changing. Connect Hearing is a partner of BCAA, it often has in-house offers and specials, and it also offers payment plan options. Some extended benefits could help out as well with the purchase of hearing aids.

The first step, however, is finding out where your hearing is by booking a free hearing test at Connect Hearing, which can be done here.

“If you’re curious about your hearing, I invite you to come into a Connect Hearing,” Nolt says, “because we’re here to help you start the journey and we’re here to support you on your journey to better hearing.”

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