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Personal Alignment lets you bring the yoga studio to your home

Personal Alignment for all

It has been well documented that yoga does wonders for your physical and mental health.

And with everything going on in the world today—the pandemic, the arguing, the stress and the feelings of mistrust—the world would likely be a much better place if everyone just did a little downward dog every day.

The problem is not everyone wants or is able to go to a studio to practise yoga, which presents a problem.

The solution, however, can be found right here in Kelowna. It is Personal Alignment, which is essentially a mobile yoga studio owned and operated by instructor AJ Cooper. She will come to your home for a personal session and have you feeling fantastic in no time.

“There’s so much stuff going on in the world, so much segregation, and I want people to feel comfortable and know that they still have an option just to be comforted in their own home, to be able to work towards healing themselves, whether it’s mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually,” Cooper says.

“Also, there are some people who just really aren’t comfortable going to a yoga studio. So it’s a really good option for those types of people. That way they can kind of get a taste of it. They can get some hands-on adjustments and alignments if they would like.”

Yoga is beneficial for a variety of reasons, which include helping with weight loss, providing better mental clarity and mediating emotional highs and lows. Personal Alignment takes it to the next level, because Cooper is right there to provide one-on-one instruction.

Cooper is also a reiki master, and she offers reiki sessions.

“It goes above and beyond anything you would get in a studio, and it makes sure that you’re not injuring yourself and making sure that you’re actually getting to the goals that you want to reach,” she says.

Cooper describes herself as an “airy, light, bubbly-type person who has a lot of energy, and I share that energy with people and bring people up a lot. That’s just who I am. I’ve always been that way,” she says. As a result, she often develops a firm bond with her students. In fact, she would call many of them her friends.

“I’m more personable,” she says. “I like to make them feel comfortable. I get to know people really well so I really know who I’m talking to. They’re not just a nobody.”

Cooper is also a reiki master, and she offers reiki sessions.

To book an appointment with Personal Alignment, visit its Facebook page here or give Cooper a call at 250-899-4184.

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