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Things you may not know (but should!) about dentists and procedures

Spilling beans on dentistry

OK, as far as anyone knows, no dentist actually uses beans or even beanbag chairs—let alone spills them. A little bit of literary licence had to be taken to produce a creative headline.

A not-so-secret secret is that most people do not really like going to the dentist and have little or no idea what actually happens in their mouth when they pay a visit, why a procedure may be needed, the consequences of not going ahead with it or if there are other options.

This will shed some light on the topic and give you—the savvy reader—some insight into that mysterious and fascinating world called dentistry. It is in not only your best interest, but in your dentist’s as well, to have you as knowledgeable and involved as possible in any decision regarding your oral health. Armed with knowledge, knowing what to expect and knowing what is going on in your mouth is the best way to take some of the anxiety out of the entire dental experience. Plus, with this knowledge you will never again be without something to talk about at tea parties.

So with that in mind, let’s lift the veil, shed some light and throw you some knowledge around a few of the more common workings of these modern day alchemists we call dentists.

To this end, Dr. Brent Corlazzoli, the principle and founding dentist at Landmark Dental Centre, has prepared some very straightforward and regular language—none of this technical, gobbledygook stuff—videos explaining the what and the why of these procedures.

After a brief introduction, Dr. Corlazzoli jumps right into the most common question: Do I really need regular cleanings at the dentist? I mean, I know how to operate a toothbrush.

Well, without ruining the plot or giving away the ending, the short answer is ‘yes’, but THE REASONING MAY SHOCK YOU. OK, it probably won’t, but it is good to know.

The next most common question is similar: Do I really need a filling? It doesn’t hurt, and I don’t even notice it!

THE ANSWER WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS! OK, so it likely won’t, but it is very good to know. If not speechless, having this knowledge could save you money and teeth. The short answer being: Yes, or it will only get worse.

While these most common questions are now answered, and the only ones already published on YouTube, you—the expectant reader—can be first to get a peek at this just released video with the next answer revealed. This, of course, is THE ANSWER TO THAT AGE-OLD QUESTION: “Do I need a crown, or would a simple filling work just as well?

Oh, if only dentists had a nickel for every time that question was asked. But now is not the time for secrets, or nickels, so check the video to see THE 4 THINGS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Well, maybe not four, and maybe not life changing, and not really things … but it will answer the question at hand.)

And there we conclude for today, your head likely bursting with your newfound knowledge. So, thank you, discerning reader, for taking the time to up your dental game. The hope is your friendly neighbourhood dentist, Dr. Corlazzoli, has laid it out straight and bare for you such that you can benefit from this sage wisdom.

Be sure to check the Landmark Dental website and YouTube channel to stay up to date as Dr. Corlazzoli continues to let the cat out of the bag, bring you behind closed doors, dish the dental dirt, blows the gaff, blurt the know-how and share his ‘secret’ dentist knowledge with you.

After all, we are all better off knowing as much as we can about our own oral health. As well as allowing you to be an active and informed participant in your own oral health, knowledge of what is happening—and why—reduces anxiety and puts you in the driver’s seat, which is where every patient should be.

Live long, and brush often!

Landmark Dental Centre, which is open until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 6 p.m. on Friday, welcomes your call at 778-760-5093 or email at [email protected].

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