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SRO-ASSIST from Realty Executives Ultra will save you thousands

List and sell your own home

With homeowners looking to save during the pandemic and with a hot real estate market, Realty Executives Ultra has developed a program to allow homeowners to list their own home and save thousands.

“We want to be your full-service brokerage, but we understand that not everybody wants to list with a Realtor,” Realty Executives Ultra managing partner Fred Johnston says. “If you want to sell your own home, we can still help you.”

Realty Executives Ultra has created SRO-ASSIST, which is short for self representing owner. One of the big differences between trying to sell your home on your own and using SRO-ASSIST is that Realtors acting as the buyer’s agent are typically “reluctant” to show “for sale by owner” or discount Realtor-listed homes because they are uncertain how or if they will be compensated. It’s just not worth the hassle for them.

Given, however, that the buyer will still most likely be introduced by a licensed Realtor acting as the buyer’s agent, you will want to make sure they will introduce your home to their buyers. Realtors will not hesitate to show your home when you use SRO-ASSIST, because they can be assured that SRO-ASSIST customers agree, when they buy their package, to pay the buyer’s agent 4% and 1.5% commission, which is as much—or more—than the typical buyer’s side commission. A buyer’s agent will actually want to show your home to their clients.

“So you’re happy and the buyer’s agent is happy,” Johnston says. “That is win-win.”

The SRO-ASSIST package costs $2,495, although its value far exceeds its cost. Just a few of the things the package includes are: a current title; a professional appraisal; a professional photography session with room measurements and floor plan; a posting on the MLS system, which will automatically send your listing to those looking for homes; access to participating lawyers who will provide an initial consultation and a review of an offer at no additional cost ... and so much more.

There is no selling-side commission, which saves you thousands of dollars. As an example, on a $700,000 home, based on the typical 7% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the balance of $600,000, the seller will save $9,505.

“The SRO-ASSIST package, in fact, includes all the most important parts of what we normally provide, with a full-service listing in the brokerage, and it works—especially in the sellers’ market we are now experiencing,” Johnston says.

The kicker in all of this is that if selling your own home turns out to be “just not your cup of tea,” you can simply convert to a full-service listing with Realty Executives Ultra at any time and receive a full credit for the SRO-ASSIST package. There is no risk.

To learn more about SRO-ASSIST, visit Realty Executives Ultra’s website here.

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