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Premier pioneer cannabis shop at home in Thompson Okanagan

Eggs Canna leads the way

Eggs Canna always has been ahead of the cannabis curve, whether it was its push for legalization, its unparalleled service, excellent prices or its commitment to supporting the community.

For the month of February all guests who bring in a canned good to an Eggs Canna boutique will not pay the tax—not even the 20% vape tax. All items will be donated to a local food bank.

Eggs Canna is a boutique inspired cannabis retailer that originated in Vancouver and sold medical cannabis before the plant became recreationally legal in Canada two and a half years ago. The company now has three stores in Vancouver, two in Kelowna, another in Penticton, and will open locations in Vernon and Kamloops this year.

Being one step ahead has always been the mission for Eggs Canna founders Oana Nicoara and Andrew Cappellano, who started out as high school sweethearts and became pioneers in the B.C. cannabis industry. Nicoara worked as a nursing co-ordinator with the BC Cancer Agency and saw first-hand the medical benefits of cannabis for cancer patients. She has worked with municipal governments and local lawmakers to offer stakeholder input in drafting their rules and guidelines around cannabis. If a book is ever written about why cannabis is legal in Canada, Nicoara and Cappellano will have a chapter in it for their persistence in advocating for legalization.

As part of its mission to destigmatize some of the negative perceptions of cannabis and its users, Nicoara and Cappellano have hired industry experts to lead their stores.

Eggs Canna boutiques are led by entrepreneur and business guru Craig Lust, an owner and executive of multiple businesses and concepts, including two award-winning national restaurant chains. Keeping with his philosophy of exceptional service, beautiful shopping experiences, and always developing and promoting your staff from within, Eggs Canna is an industry leader for its guests and its staff—eloquently termed “cannaseurs.” Demara Bradford, who is a registered pharmacist specializing in cannabis, runs one of its Kelowna locations.

What sets Eggs Canna apart is its unique “call and collect” service, which allows customers to have one-on-one, personalized shopping experiences. Customers are able to speak with knowledgeable and experienced “cannaseurs” who will help them select the best products for the experiences they desire. Within minutes Eggs Canna will have a custom curated order ready for pickup at a time of the patron’s choosing.

Whether it’s for flower, vapes, edibles or beverages, Eggs Canna is proud to be part of the community.

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