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Leading Okanagan cleaning company will soon conduct training

KAP Cleaners offers secrets

Kerri Kedziora is the Okanagan’s Queen of Clean, and now she wants to share her expansive knowledge with others in the industry.

Kedziora owns and operates KAP Cleaners and Assistant Services, a successful and respected cleaning company that offers old-fashioned, deep-down, thorough cleaning of residences, businesses and vacation rental properties.

Unable to keep up with the high demand from property owners and managers alike, coupled with property managers’ inability to pay the fees Kedziora must charge to keep her well trained staff employed, she had to do some soul searching to find a way to help others reach their goals for five-star cleanliness scores. 

There are beautiful vacation properties in the Okanagan with less than perfect cleanliness, thereby impeding on their popularity and preventing repeat guests. Kedziora was shocked when she visited a high-end resort recently and the room wasn’t spotless. Realizing that no matter how expensive a place is there are still issues with improper processes and systems to ensure complete overall cleanliness, Kedziora was perplexed. If money couldn’t guarantee a spotlessly clean holiday experience, what would? That’s when she got the idea. It was in that moment that a new service was created—a training program for companies that clean smaller resorts, vacation rentals, hotels and motels.

“If I can train people’s top employees the systems and processes to keep their guest suites clean always, then they’ve got it made,” Kedziora says. “You can teach anybody to clean as long as they want to learn. Employee motivation is another area we can help with.”

Kedziora has been cleaning since she was five years old, when her father became the single family leader of four kids and she was required to keep the house clean. Her knowledge expanded significantly when she worked in her 20s for her husband's mom in the Lower Mainland.

“She knew what she was doing,” Kedziora says. “She’s amazing. Many of the procedures that I use in my business now, I learned from her. She was old fashioned and old school.”

During Kedziora’s 15 years working in health care—primarily caring for the elderly with dementia—she continued to clean in her spare time. Four years ago she embraced her undeniable skills as an entrepreneur and quit her health-care job to grow her cleaning business and employ others in her community.

KAP Cleaners will offer personal training that resorts, hotels, motels and vacation rentals simply cannot get today. There will be many options available to the managers and owners of vacation rental suites, such as an online training program that employees can access anytime and support systems through a Facebook group that all customers will have access to. Customers will not only be able to compare cleaning strategies but explore ideas for valued employee and guest attraction as well as troubleshoot ideas to provide the best guest satisfaction in all areas.

“You could even find out what others are using for bedding, tableware or lightbulbs,” Kedziora says.

Weekly live Q&A sessions with Kedziora herself will be included in a monthly membership option. Onsite consultations, evaluations of cleanliness and one-on-one training with team leads is another service that will be offered.

“We are working on programs that might suit every need for training as well as any budget,” she says.

Kedziora is even going to provide free information for employee motivation and retention. Rest assured Kedziora will help put together a cleaning plan that will ensure an unparalleled level of cleanliness.

“We'll put together a routine and a system for every single client so that their place is always spotless,” she says.

Understanding the industry as well as she does, Kedziora and KAP Cleaners can also help individuals and companies attract the right employees, the right guests and the very best ratings. While the program outline is in its final stages and finishing touches are still being implemented, KAP Cleaners is offering early-interest customers 30% off regular rates if they sign up for the program prior to the official launch date.

KAP Cleaners can be reached at (778) 808-5942.

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