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The Barber Chair in downtown Kelowna makes you feel at home

At home in The Barber Chair

The only problem with getting your hair cut at The Barber Chair is you won’t want to leave once you’re finished.

Owner Brett Teigland and his barbers cut a great head of hair, but they are even better at making their clients feel at home. Teigland’s goal in his new downtown Kelowna space, which is located at 102-1630 Pandosy St., was to create a warm and comfortable space where everyone can be themselves.

“It’s very customer oriented,” Teigland says. “We do things a little different. It’s almost like their home. It’s not generic at all. I take a lot of pride in customer service and just getting to know people and providing the best quality service that I can. … The vibe in the shop is very casual and just very nice.”

The Barber Chair got its start in Calgary, where it has grown a large and loyal clientele. Teigland recently moved to Kelowna and is hoping to develop the same situation in the Okanagan.

“It’s attention to detail. I really get to know my clients,” says Teigland, who got his start in the barber business 35 years ago at Victoria Barber College. “I get to know everything about them. It’s just different. When they come in, it’s a different feel. It’s hard to explain.”

Teigland hires only barbers who possess superior skills and who share his personality traits, which ensures the down-home feel clients experience when they patronize The Barber Chair. The shop is modern but warm, with plenty of brick, rich woodwork, 15-foot ceilings and guitars on the walls.

The barbers can perform every kind of cut as well, but they make sure to put their own twist on it.

“We do good work. We do work that other shops don’t do,” Teigland says. “A lot of people have very hard hair to cut, and they go other places and they get chopped, because it’s just like a number two up the side.

“We’re very good at different types of hair, difficult hair. We’re not just doing the latest trend.”

If you’re thinking that kind of service will cost you an arm and a leg, think again. Cuts start at $28 and don’t go much higher if they include a beard trim as well.

“I like prices to be reasonable, because I want people to be able to afford to get a haircut, because it makes people feel good, and if it’s reasonably priced they’ll feel like they can come back sooner rather than stretch it to get that big cut,” he says. “I want to give the best quality service and product for a good price—not cheap, but not expensive.”

Once the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are eased, Teigland would like to add tattoo services to The Barber Chair and get a liquor licence as well.

The Barber Chair will give you $5 off your first visit, which is unlikely to be your last. Appointments can be booked here.

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