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IWG Corporate Services provides year-end analysis for businesses

IWG brings business clarity

Times have been difficult enough this year for small and medium business owners.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions have cut the number of visitors and eaten into profits. The trouble has been showing no signs of slowing down, either.

That is why now would be a good time to bring Kelowna’s IWG Corporate Services into the fold. The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s time to analyze the good and the bad of the curveball that was 2020—and look ahead to hopefully much better times in 2021.

“We can help business owners sleep better at night knowing their employees are working effectively," IWG vice-president of services Lisa Jaffary says. "They can focus on what they do best.

“It’s important for business owners to do their year-end analysis, because it gives them the focus of where they want to go next year. It looks like we’re in it for another year here, so being able to adjust and adapt, be flexible ... and once they review their 2020 year they can make plans for 2021.”

IWG Corporate Services provides a road map for your business for continuous growth and increased profitability as it looks to survive the pandemic and come out on the other side smelling like a rose. Your year-end analysis reviews operations, systems, sales and financials to give you a crystal clear picture of where your business stands in the big picture.

Another benefit for business owners at this time of year is they can review their health and dental plans, which could save plenty of cash during these crucial times. A Private Health Services Plan is 100% tax deductible and a 100% tax-free benefit to employees. There is no monthly premium and no medical questionnaires, either.

“Many business owners are interested in this plan,” Jaffary says, “because they are looking at their expenses and wondering how they can manage these expenses and the most tax effectively.”

If more help than just a year-end assessment and lookahead is required, IWG Corporate Services is your one-stop shop. It offers everything from corporate governance assistance (human resources policies, job descriptions, organizational chart and assessing corporate culture) to financial and business modelling (business planning, succession planning and value analysis) to ongoing management (setting up targets and deliverables, and tracking performance).

IWG Corporate Services also provides financing help, which is another crucial aspect for many business owners during the pandemic. Jaffary and her team can help business owners get their ducks in a row when seeking capital for growth or succession.

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